Tuesday Projects





When signing up for our Tuesday stoneware projects you will need to select which piece you will want to paint that night. Below are our current options for stoneware.

Stoneware food ware is microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven safe. It is recommended to let the piece warm up with the oven instead of being put directly into a preheated oven.

*All of the prices listed below includes tax 

Ramekin $16.05
Dessert Bowl
Assorted Mugs $32.10  **All types may not always be available
Stein $34.24
Non-Rimmed Salad Plate $34.24
Rimmed Salad Plate $34.24
8" Vase $36.75
9" Serving Bowl $42.80
12" Platter $42.80
9" Pie Plate $48.15
Teapot $48.15
9" Casserole Dish $48.15
12" Vase $53.50
16" Platter $53.50
Small Nesting Bowl
Medium Nesting Bowl $42.80
Large Nesting Bowl