Make your own To-Go Kit
Step 1

Click the button below and our order form should open in a new window. Follow the next steps to fill out the form. It will send your order right to our email when you hit submit!

Step 2

Now you get to pick your pieces and colors! The pictures below have a nice bright orange letter in the picture. You will tell us the letter first, then the piece. In each picture it tells you how many colors you get. You will want to keep the colors next to the correct item on your sheet!

For example, in our first item picture below we want to order the gumball machine. On your sheet you will write : Picture D, the gumball machine Main Colors: #5, #10, and #20 Accent: #51, #65, and #82

We are updating our ordering process to make it easier to pick out your pieces! 

We will be adding Category Buttons and removing the pictures with orange letters, but until we have all of the buttons ready we are keeping the pictures up so you still have a variety of pottery options. Any buttons shown are ready to use so feel free to browse the expanded pottery options!

Below are Category Buttons--just click which category you want to view and a document will pop up for you to browse! We've arranged our pieces by category and then cost. For each section within the document there is the cost and number of colors you get to pick. Under the pictures is a name associated with the piece.  You will tell us the name of the piece and then your main and accent colors. You will want to keep the colors next to the correct item on your sheet!

For example, if you press the "Animals & Figurines" button you will see a bunch of animals. We want to order the dog. On your sheet you will write : Small Dog Main Colors: #5 and #10 Accent: #51

A couple of the colors are a bit tricky to tell what they are in the picture.

#1&#2 are ivory--if you want anything pure white you leave it unpainted and we'll make it shiny with our top coat.

#36 Dark Purple

#46 Dark Blue

#81 Dark Brown

#85 Dark Taupe

#89 Black


Category Buttons


$12 and $15

2 main colors & 1 accent color

Step 3

Once you are done filling out the form, just hit submit and it'll be sent straight to our email.

When we receive and complete your order we will call you so that you can pay over the phone.

Step 4
We are doing in studio and  curbside pickup. If you are doing curbside pickup please call us when you arrive at 740-363-4804 and give us the name on the order and we will bring it out to you!
When you are finished painting visit our page with instructions on how to drop off your finished to-go kit

Thank you for all of your support in helping us get through this tough time. If you have any questions feel free to email us.

                                                 ~Love The Bare Bowl Crew

Dinosaur Kit: $40

                 -Velociraptor Figurine

                 -Brontosaurus Mug

 All bags and accessory designs are chosen at random. 

                -5 colors of your choice

Specialty To-Go Kits

In addition to the pottery, each kit comes in an assorted dinosaur bag and includes a stuffed dinosaur keychain, two grow-a-dino, three brushes, two suckers, a dinosaur craft, and a dinosaur sticker sheet.


All pottery is exclusive to the baskets!