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Picking up Fired Pieces

The Bare Bowl

6 N. Sandusky St. 

Delaware, Ohio 43015


Current Operating Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday:


Do you have pieces that have already been fired? We are allowed to let you come get your stuff!

To make this as quick, easy, and no-contact as possible we've set up these steps so you can pick up your pieces.

1.) Before you make your way over to the store, give us a call at 740-363-4804 to tell us what pieces you had as well as what name was listed on pick up slip.


**If you arrive at the store to pick up pieces before notifying us we may not be able to get your pieces for you if we are busy with to-go kit orders and other pickup orders, so please call us first.**​

2.) While we're on the phone with you we will find your finished items to make sure we have the right ones.

3.) We'll wrap them up and bag them while you're headed over to the shop. (Our current open hours and address are listed at the end our steps)

4.) We are doing curbside only, so once you get to the store, give us a call at       740-363-4804 and we will be right out to bring you your stuff!

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