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Kid Parties

  • Parties are an hour and a half. Roughly 45-60 minutes is painting and the remaining 30-45 minutes is cake and presents if you want to have the whole party here.

  • The parent pre-chooses what price range or theme to go with. These price ranges start at $8 and go up from there.

          Ex: If the parent chooses $15 and under, the kids get to choose                  from $8, $10, $12, and $15 pieces. They are charged accordingly              for the actual piece picked out.


  •  The only other cost is the optional birthday plate for $25

  • A $25 deposit is required for parties and it will be applied to the bill the day of the party. We also have a reservation form to fill out while in the store to pay the deposit.

**The youngest we will do a birthday party is 6 years old.

Call and make your reservation today!


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