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Dropping off Finished
To-Go Kits

Are you all done with your painting project? We are allowed to take them back now so that we can fire them!

To make this as quick, easy, and no-contact as possible we've set up these steps so you can return your pieces.

1.) On your Paint Rules order sheet we need you to write either a name or full initials next to each piece on the order form. We will write this on the bottom of the piece with our special pencil so that we know who it belongs to and you can pick it up when it's fired. 

**You must bring this sheet with you when you return your items. We will not take orders back without this paper**

2.) Drive on over to The Bare Bowl during our current open hours (listed at the end of our steps)

3.) We are doing curbside only, so once you get to the store, give us a call at       740-363-4804 and we will be right out to get your stuff!

4.) We are extending our firing window from our normal 7 days to 14 days so that we can let items sit isolated for several days so it is safe for us to handle.

We will give you a pick up day when you drop off your to-go kit. Visit our "pick up fired pieces page" for those instructions

The Bare Bowl

6 N. Sandusky St. 

Delaware, Ohio 43015


Current Operating Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday:


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