Make your own To-Go Kit
Step 1

Download this form and fill it out on your computer. After you've completed the rest of the To-Go Kit steps, send this form to

Once you open the document, do a Save As. We like to save it to our desktop to find it easily :) Then you can edit it and it will automatically save  to your computer. Upload that file to the email once you're done! 

Step 2

Now you get to pick your pieces and colors!  Below are Category Buttons--just click which category you want to view and a document will pop up for you to browse! We've arranged our pieces by category and then cost. For each section within the document there is the cost and number of colors you get to pick. Under the pictures is a name associated with the piece.  You will tell us the name of the piece and then your main and accent colors. You will want to keep the colors next to the correct item on your sheet!

For example, in our first item picture below we want to order the dog. On your sheet you will write : Small Dog Main Colors: #5 and #10 Accent: #51

A couple of the colors are a bit tricky to tell what they are in the picture.

#1&#2 are ivory--if you want anything pure white you leave it unpainted and we'll make it shiny with our top coat.

#36 Dark Purple

#46 Dark Blue

#81 Dark Brown

#85 Dark Taupe

#89 Black

Animals and Figurines


2 Main Colors

1 Accent Color


2 Main Colors

1 Accent Color

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